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Sensual & Erotic massage for women

Sensual & Erotic Massage

When experiencing an intimate massage, the surroundings and atmosphere are crucial. I'll makes sure my clients feel relaxed from the moment they meet me. Before starting, I will talk to each client through several options and will customise it to individual need. Sensual and erotic massage are very intimate. All services are discussed and arranged in person.

Sensual and Erotic massage are given with a genuine sense of care and both involve the intentional arousal of the whole body. They can be an emotional, as well as a physical experience. However, the erotic massage includes intimate touch and deep breathing exercises and is often given as a form of spiritual healing and release. The erotic massage can lead to orgasm and clients can reach their climax multiple times.

Sensual & Erotic massage for women in London
Sensual & Erotic massage for Women in London

Sensual massage -  60mins £65 

                                           90mins £85


Erotic massage  -   60mins £80

                                        90mins £100


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