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Massage is the best antidote to destress with this modern day. Comfortable and relaxing place to get yourself a treat. I been providing massage treatments over 8 years and believed that regular massage helps your mind and body to be in a peaceful state.


I use the finest mix of massage oils with fragrant scents that will help you drift off and simply to keep you feeling " fabulous". Whether your aim to soothe and loosen all overworked body tissues or as part of a bigger idea for an overall health and healing. I'm looking forward to achieving by giving you a quality massage.


Services Offer

* Swedish massage

* Deep tissue massage

* Sports massage

* Frozen shoulder

* Neck pain

* Relaxation massage

* Head massage

* Foot Reflexology

* Slimming massage

* Lymphatic drainage

* Posture/stretches advice

* Back pain/sciatica relief

 and more

U.K - Central London, Warren Street  /   ForWomenMassage1@yahoo.co.uk   /   07730221449

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