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Massage for women in London by JJ ( male therapist )


In the discreet and women-exclusive setting of Warren Street, JJ's expertise extends beyond traditional massages to include an intimate focus on erotic massage and sensual massage experiences. His intuitive approach allows clients to express their desires openly, ensuring that each session is not only a skilful executed massage but also a deeply personal exploration of sensuality. His commitment to providing a comfortable space for relaxation is evident, as evidenced by the high number of repeat clients and the majority of referrals coming from satisfied friends who had erotic massage. JJ's dedication to using the finest massage oils adds a luxurious touch to each session, ensuring clients not only unwind physically but also experience a heightened sense of overall sensual well-being and healing. JJ's commitment to discretion and professionalism underlines the establishment's reputation as a haven for those seeking a sophisticated and nuanced approach to sensual well-being.JJ strives to foster a sense of trust and satisfaction, making each visit a unique journey of self-discovery and pleasure.


For women massage studio is based in Warren Street, Central London. JJ can also be called out on request and covers most of the surrounding areas of Leicester Square, Soho, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Charing Cross and Mayfair.


Services Offered

* Sensual massage

* Erotic massage 

* Swedish massage

* Deep tissue massage

* Sports massage

* Frozen shoulder

* Neck pain

* Relaxation massage

* Head massage

* Foot Reflexology

* Slimming massage

* Lymphatic drainage

* Posture/stretches advice

* Back pain/sciatica relief

Erotic Massage, Sensual Massage for women in London

U.K - Central London, Warren Street  /   /   07730221449

massage for women in London
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